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   AIM Spring 2024 Semester FAQ


This semester at AIM we are working harder than ever to ensure that our studio is a safe space for all of our students! Here are a few things your might be wondering about Art in Motion:

How do I sign up my dancer for classes?

To sign up for dance classes at AIM simple TEXT Miss Catie at (586)876-3822. She will be able to recommend classes for you as well as save your dancer a spot in class. From there you will attend our Registration Event* to fill out registration forms, pay, and receive your Semester Calendar & Info Handout. 

   *If you are unable to attend our Registration Event we can definitely find an alternative time for you to come in a register/pay. We really love seeing our student & their families face to face and helps us set up a wonderful teacher/client relationship.

What does my dancer need to wear for class?

To ensure that all students are appropriately dressed and wear appropriate shoes, Art in Motion has put together a dance attire & shoes guide. We respectfully ask parents to ensure that their children abide by the policies outlined on our Attire & Shoe Guide Page. We can also help you with any questions you might have at our registration event as well!

Where will my dancer go for their class at AIM? Where will I go?

We have three different dance rooms at Art in Motion. On their first day of class their teacher will show them which room their class will be held in. This will be their classroom for the semester. There will also be a lobby space available for parent/family to watch/wait for their dancer while they are in class. If a dancer IS able to change their shoes by themselves/take themselves to the restroom on their own, then parent have the option to either wait in our lobby or drop off their dancer and pick them up after class.

A small note regarding our lobby: We ask that the Lobby Areas remain quiet spaces so we do not distract our dancers while in class. We ask that you keep your space clean & minimally invasive. In the past we have struggled with patrons bringing in foods that create a mess, garbage left behind, and an environment that is noisy and disruptive to the studio atmosphere. While we want our AIM Families to feel comfortable and welcome, at the forefront Art in Motion is an academy for dance, a place of learning...not a personal living room. Thank you so much for doing your part in keeping our lobby areas clean, quiet, and organized! 

How do I pay for classes/dance fees?

AIM has a conveniently located payment drop box at our Main Lobby Desk area. This area is stocked with pens & envelopes. You can easily drop off a cash or check payment in a sealed & labeled envelope for your dancer. Be sure to be specific about the details of your payment (Dancer's first & last name, what you are paying for, how much you are paying, etc.). You can also pay with a credit card over the phone with Miss Christine (810)543-0179 (4% charge).

What happens when my dancer's class is canceled?      

If AIM needs to cancel a class temporarily (snow days, sickness, etc.), that class will made up in one of two ways: either  the dancer will be able to attend a different dance class in the same class level OR there will be a class scheduled on a different day in the future.  You will contact you via text with your makeup day information. 

What is the best way to stay informed about everything happening at Art in Motion?

At Art in Motion we are always striving to keep our dancer's and their families informed & up to date on all things AIM! While enjoy posting pictures & reminders of future events on our social media pages the very BEST way to stay informed in the AIM Website!  We also post schedules, calendars, & lost of information in our lobby areas at the studio. If you ever have any questions at AIM please text Miss Catie at (586)876-3822


What is the AIM Christmas Show?  Can my dancer be involved in this production?

AIM's Christmas Showcase Recital 2023 will take place in house at the beautiful AIM Stage during the weekend of Fri-Sun, December 8th-10th. 2023 (exact performance times TBA). This will be Art in Motion's 16th Annual Christmas Show and we are more excited than ever to begin preparations for this beautiful production. Each class will learn a dance routine for each dance style that will be performed in the show. Costumes will be rented from AIM for each dancer's class (one class styles, one costume. two class syles, two costumes). Costume Fees are due by Oct. 19th.  All dancers will be performing in this fantastic production! Details pertaining to our Christmas Showcase will be given out at a later date. Questions? Text Miss Catie at (586)876-3822

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