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Pink Ballet Shoes

Appropriate for all levels of ballet.  Canvas or leather shoes, whichever you prefer. Younger dancers usually wear full sole, and intermediate and advance dancers usually wear split sole. 

*Also worn for:

Sh. Lyrical

Tap shoes.jpg
Black Tap Shoes

Appropriate for all levels of tap. Younger dancers usually wear the mary jane style and intermediate and advance dancers usually wear hard sole lace up tap shoes.

Jazz Shoes.jpg
Black Jazz Shoes

Appropriate for all levels of jazz. Lace up or slip on, whichever you prefer.

*Also worn for:

Jit. & Sh. Poms

Jit. & Sh. HipHop

Cen. & Var. HipHop

Theatrical Production 1 & 2

Lyrical ballet shoes.jpg
Lyrical Shoes

Appropriate for Cen., Var., Bravo, En/Prin, & Adult level of lyrical. Foot Undies or Half Shoes styled lyrical shoes, whichever you prefer.

HipHop Sneakers.jpg
Adv. Hiphop Shoes

Appropriate for Bravo/En/Prin level of hiphop. Black sneaker with white bottom (converse styled shoe, no need to be name brand).


Appropriate for all levels of Hawaiian, Modern, & Acro. Please use good foot hygiene before class.

pointe shoes.jpg
Pointe Shoes

Appropriate ONLY for  advanced ballet dancers who have been specifically approved by Miss Catie. 

Art in Motion's

Dance Attire & Shoe Guide

To ensure that all students are appropriately dressed and wear appropriate shoes, Art in Motion has put together a dance attire & shoes guide. We respectfully ask parents to ensure that their children abide by the following policies:

  • Leotards and tights are preferred and are absolutely essential if your child is taking a ballet class. A staple in every dancer's closet! Ballet skirts are acceptable as well as leg warmers & a very form fitting long sleeve top for the colder months. 

  • Although a leotard and tights is best, exercise or aerobic attire is permitted for other forms of dance.  Tank tops, unitards, leggings, and form fitting shorts are a good option as well. No midriff baring tops are allowed. Hiphop dancers are encouraged to wear looser clothing.


  • Put your name in all dance shoes and dancewear in case of loss. If you change shoes during class for a different subject, a dance bag is strongly recommended to avoid “shoe mix-ups.”

  • Hair should be pulled up and out of the dancer's face.  A bun is essential in ballet class and is the perfect hairstyle for all dance styles. A ponytail or braid will work as well for other dance styles besides ballet. 

  • No chewing gum is allowed within any of our dance classes. 



If you are unable to change before coming to class, bring class clothes with you to change in the studio bathroom.  Being prepared is part of being a dancer!


Appropriate dance shoes must be worn for each class style.
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