Art in Motion Dance Performances

Christmas Show 2017.jpg
AIM Christmas Show 2019


The Art in Motion Christmas Show is beloved holiday staple in the community. This very special production is a full length Christmas themed performance that includes all different dance styles and along a Nutcracker Suite Ballet. 

AIM Closing 2018 6134.jpg
AIM Spring Recital 2020


The Art in Motion Spring Recital is the perfect way to end our Dance Season at AIM! An weekend filled with amazing dances, fantastic costumes, and several shows that are sure to entertain the entire family.  Our next Spring Recital will be held on Fri-Sun, June 26th-28th, 2020 at an outdoor venue at Appletree Dental Center in Memphis, MI.

AIM Team 4828 (2).jpg
AIM Performance Team 2019/2020


The AIM Team makes it a priority to spread joy and their love of dance throughout the community by performing at local events, parades, fundraiser dance shows, nursing homes, and more!  AIM's Performance Team is an amazing group for young woman who are passionate about dancing, performing, and giving back to the community.