Dear AIM Family,


As we face this unsure time we want to continue to do what is best for our students physical and mental wellbeing. For the past three weeks we have suspended dance classes at Art in Motion due to COVID-19. During this time the state of the virus has become more serious in Michigan and has led to the closure of schools for the remainder of the school year. As we are preparing for at least another month of serious social distancing, we at AIM have decided that now is the right time to continue our regular AIM dance classes online via Zoom for at least the next four weeks. Online classes will begin on Monday, April 6th, 2020. We are incredibly excited to get back to somewhat “normal” class with our dancers! We have missed them SO much and truly believe that having dance to focus on will be mentally and physically beneficial to all of our students.  Online AIM Classes via Zoom will cost 50% of a dancer’s normal *monthly tuition. For example if you usually would pay $100 for March/April tuition then your Zoom classes would cost $25 for four weeks of classes. We fully appreciate your support in this trying time!


Please know that we will 100% still be holding our Spring Recital, the dancers have worked way too hard to have that taken away from them! With our dancers already having to miss out on so many activities, sports, end of school events, etc., we feel it is our duty not to rob them of their dance recital. Now as for exactly when and even where we will hold the recital remains to be seen, as information about what our community will be like in 6-8 weeks is still unknown. As more information becomes available please know that we will keep you all informed and up to date on recital details.


As stated above, our online dance classes will be held on the Zoom app. It is free to download the app and to create a user account. This virtual format will allow the instructor to see all of the dancers in class at once. In turn the dancers will be able to see not only their instructor but their classmates as well! The sense of family and unity that has been cultivated over the years at Art in Motion is irreplaceable and we know that it will lift our dancers spirits to be “together” again. 


We want to thank you for your continued support and love during this difficult time. Art in Motion has been a second home for so many of us and we know that the “AIM Family” isn’t going anywhere! More than ever, we are reminded about what really matters and we know that God will be with us no matter what. We will continue to pray for all of you, and may the Lord bless your family and keep them safe.


With love and prayers,

Miss Cathy, Miss Catie, Miss Christine, and the entire AIM Staff

Click here        to go to the Zoom Website to get started!

How To Use Zoom?

Step 1: Download the Zoom app on your laptop, smart phone, and or tablet. After downloading the app then make a free Zoom account.


Step 2: You will receive an email from Art in Motion with an invite to the class. Within the email it will list the 10-digit Meeting ID along with a password to enter the "Classroom"


Step 3: Log in to Zoom and join us for your dancer's class using the NEW online schedule listed on our website.


Step 4: Dance with us from home!

AIM Tuition Questions

Q: What if I already paid March/April tuition?

A: We held classes for the first two weeks of March, so the remaining two weeks as well your April tuition will be credited to your account. You may use this credit towards your Online AIM Zoom classes (Zoom classes will cost 50% of regular tuition) or use it towards normal in-studio AIM classes once we are able to safely go back to class at the studio.


Q: What if I haven’t paid March/April tuition yet?

A: We held classes for the first two weeks of March, so you still owe for the first half of the month as well as your Online AIM Zoom classes (Zoom classes will cost 50% of your regular tuition)


Q: How do we pay?

A: You can do one of two things! Either mail in a check to the studio (68155 Main St, Richmond, MI 48062) or if you prefer to pay with a credit card you may do so over the phone with Miss Christine at (810)543-0179.


Q: What if we are unable to pay at this time?

A: We completely understand that this is a trying time for everyone financially. If you have any concerns regarding being able to pay for tuition right now please contact Miss Catie via text at (568)876-3822.

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