AIM Spring 2022 Semester   
  Protocol & Guidelines

This semester at AIM we are working harder than ever to ensure that our studio is a safe space for all of our students! Here are a few things you can expect this year at Art in Motion:

This year at AIM we are so happy to have our lobby open again!  The following protocol is in place to keep everything organized and safe. We will have three dance rooms in use this year at Art in Motion. Parents will be asked to wait in the designated lobby that corsponds to your dancer's dance space.


LOBBY AREA: This year we will be asking that AIM Lobby Areas remain quiet spaces so we do not distract our dancers while in class. We ask that you keep your space clean & minimally invasive. In the past we have struggled with patrons bringing in foods that create a mess, garbage left behind, and an enviroument that is noisey and distruptive to the studio atmostphere. While we want our AIM Families to feel comfortable and welcome, at the forefront Art in Motion is an academy for dance, a place of learning...not a personal living room. Thank you so much for doing your part in keeping our lobby areas clean, quiet, and organized! (See above PDF and keep scrolling to view our lobby graphic & info).

SHOES & ATTIRE GUIDELINES: To ensure that all students are appropriately dressed and wear appropriate shoes, Art in Motion has put together a dance attire & shoes guide. We respectfully ask parents to ensure that their children abide by the policies outlined on our Attire & Shoe Guide Page. 

CANCELED CLASS POLICY:       If AIM needs to cancel a class temporarily (snow days, sickness, etc.), that class will instead be held online via Zoom. Your teaching will contact you via text with your makeup day information. 


AIM CHRISTMAS SHOW:       The AIM Christmas Show 2021 will take place mid December on the AIM Stage (dates TBA). This will be Art in Motion's 14th Annual Christmas Show and we are more excited than ever to begin preparations for this beautiful production. Each class will learn a dance routine for each dance style that will be performed in the show. Details pertaining to our Christmas Show will be given out at a later date. Questions? Text Miss Catie at (586)876-3822

Dance Room & Lobby Protocols for the
Spring 2022 Semester

AIM Dance Room Protocol 2021 Fall.PNG